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The travel information provides valuable tips for your drive or flight to Tyrol, allowing you to find the quickest way to your dream holidays in Ischgl. Ischgl is the holiday paradise in Austria for skiing, mountain biking and partying. But to do all that you first have to get there. The information provided here allows you to get to Tyrol and the holiday region Paznaun safely, quickly and conveniently. Choose your means of transport or use the extra information.

Information for your trip:

Please bear in mind that you require a toll sticker to drive on Austrian motorways and expressways. Should you be caught without one you will be facing severe fines. The toll stickers with an optional validity of ten days, two months or a whole year are available at service stations and tobacco kiosks.

Winter tyres and adequate winter equipment for your car are required by law for a safe trip especially in winter. If the weather is bad enough, the use of snow chains may be ordered. Avoid problems by getting the right model for your car before starting your trip. You may find further information on this in the latest traffic report.

Of course you can also travel to Ischgl by train or airplane.

Travelling by Train to Ischgl

This is the easiest way to get to Ischgl in Tyrol by train and either scheduled bus or rental car.
Österreichische Bundesbahnen
Deutsche Bahn

Guests arriving by train and wishing to hire a car are best advised to head to Innsbruck. A Hertz office is located right at the train station, so it’s easy to hire a car for the onward journey to Ischgl. Note carefully that you’ll also need to buy a valid toll ticket, known as a “vignette”, for the journey to Ischgl; the Hertz office will help you out on this. If weather conditions are poor in winter, you may find yourself having to drive with (compulsory!) snow chains. For further details, please consult the current road report if necessary.

If you plan to take the train and carry on to Ischgl using the line bus then the Landeck-Zams station in Tyrol is your destination. The bus line 4240 to Ischgl und Galtür leaves directly in front of the station. It takes a little less than an hour to get there. Plan your individual trip with the following information on trains. Just enter your hometown and your destination (rental car: Innsbruck Hbf; line bus: Landeck-Zams).

Travelling by Air to Ischgl

This is the easiest way to get to your holiday resort Ischgl by air. You fly to Innsbruck and then go on by train or rental car. Flights from Amsterdam to Innsbruck! Flight times and prices see

Flights from London-Gatwick to Innsbruck! Flight times and prices see

You land at Innsbruck Airport (INN). In summer there are scheduled flights from and to Vienna, Frankfurt, Cologne, London and Nice, among others. In winter additional flights, for example from and to Berlin, Amsterdam, Manchester or Moscow, ensure a problem-free trip to Ischgl by air.

Right at the airport your will find aHertz-Rent-A-Caroffice for your further trip to Ischgl. Using public transit you get to Innsbruck Station with the bus line F. From there you go on by train to Landeck-Zams and then by line bus to Ischgl. It’s more convenient to take a rental car, less expensive to travel by train and bus – you decide.

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